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We believe in offering great corporate team building events that provide value to a business and our specialist know how to organise as we know that the expertise involved in running events does't develop overnight. That's the reason we are especially proud of our team, instructors, event managers and facilitators, who will assist you with a fun and professional corporate team building event in Goa.


Team Building That Actually Builds Teams

The first step in any team-building activity is to figure out the difficulty the team faces and accordingly exercises can be devised to tackle them.

It is important to analyse your team’s strengths and weaknesses and identify the root problem by answering these questions:

  • Do the team members get along well with each other without any conflicts?
  • Is it Important for team members to know each other?
  • Do successful members show indifference to others in the team?
  • Is their clarity of communication?
  • Do the members know the importance of working collectively rather than individually?
  • Are some members opposed to to change, and does this affect the group's ability to go ahead?
  • Do members need motivation?

If you want to assess your teams and your performance, try our Team Effectiveness Assessment and add it to ‘My Personal Learning Plan’. Once the team’s problems are identified, you can chart exercises that will solve these problems. This will be a crucial step in overcoming the team problems and help ever member reach a satisfactory conclusion.

For any team building event to be effective, leaders must first recognize the problems their group is facing. Then they have to plan activities to tackle these issues directly and ensure that the team benefits from the event. The aim should be to keep competition out of the activities and take measures to facilitate ongoing team building activities as an integral part the corporate culture.

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