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Team Building or Corporate Event All the options you need. We are One Stop Destination.

Team building activities & event ideas

Over 10 years of expertise in conducting successful corporate team building events in Goa, PlanMyActivity has scaled heights by forging strong bond with clients. Understanding client requirements and exceeding their expectations has helped us give wings to great events. We do not compromise on the health and safety of our clients and partner with the best vendors to provide a safe event experience. We have associated with clients from all over the country and have conducted numerous events spread all across Goa.

Corporate Team Building

We have the Best team Building Ideas in Goa and organize conferences, corporate days and other special events to bring out the best quality of staff, promote harmony and bonding among them. It motivates the staff, gives them a relaxing time off the busy office atmosphere, and prepares them for the team tasks and leadership roles at work place. Our team is capable of handling and engaging team building activities & event ideas for a group of less than 10 to a large group of 500. Our activities can be customised for the requisites of the group in meeting their purpose and goal.  

Indoor, Outdoor, Evening or Icebreaker Event?

Our pandora of activities can be done in an outdoor or indoor setting. It can range from simple fun activities for all, to complex ones suited for top management.

For staffs who have been working indoors for long, outdoor activities are like a breath of fresh air. Simple, fun games help them relax and bond. The activities can be scavenger hunts, treasure hunt, sports events and games formulated in the lines of the amazing race. Goa being the place of beaches, we cannot sideline the fun Beach games and the Challenge zone that is bound to motivate all.

Indoor games can be conducted at any venue and throughout any season. Thrilling games like the Indoor crystal Challenge, cooking events, learning to make mouth-watering chocolates and many more make up for fun activities. Staffs discover their strengths, creative side and sense of self through these activities. The activities that require a mix of physical and mental work will help in developing team building skills.

During conferences when staff from across the company attends, Icebreakers help them shed inhibitions and get prepared for the event ahead. We have our in-house tailored versions of popular games like Ultimate Challenge, Treasure Hunt, Building the perfect egg toss machine etc...The more loud ones to follow are Perfect Harmony, Clap Happy, Delhi Dancing - the delegates get to drum, sing, dance and clap their hearts out.

Some serious evening events like Stocks & Shares give you the thrill of real time trading. Concocting cocktails to suit your mood is yet another interesting activity or go carefree on a Casino night and try your hands at earning some extra money.

Team building activities with a Twist in Goa

At the end of the day all activities zero in on the outcome and that is, if it made any difference in the individual or the group attending it. The constant smiles at the end the events gives us the reward we look for. We do the best team building activities in Goa with a twist.

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